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“Children” Deposit

“Children” Deposit

To open account submit passport (passport copy)of the depositor, birth certificate of the child (copy of birth certificate of the child)
Term of deposit more than 1 year.
Minimum amount 10 TJS, 100 RUR ,5 USD, 5 EURO.
Deposit is opened in smb’s name.
Acceptance of deposits: in cash and cashless.

nterest rate per annum:

In nation currency




1 year up to 11 %
1 year up to 5 %
1 year up to 5 %
1 year up to 5 %
NOTE: Deposit is accepted in the name of the child up to 15 years old. Additional payment to the deposit should be kept on the account no less than 6 months.

Deposit calculator

Saving amount:

Date of receiving:



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