Participation of the working group of SSB RT "Amonatbonk" headed by the Chairman of the Board Ikromi S.S. in the conference SIBOS-2022 SWIFT in Amsterdam.

13 october 2022

On October, 10-13 of this year Chairman of the Board of "Amonatbonk" took part in the annual meeting SIBOS - 2022 SWIFT (the international interbank system for transfer of information and payments) which was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The SIBOS Conference is the unique and most influential platform of the international level, held by SWIFT every year and participation in such an event can be a good ground for expansion of the bank's financial activity with the prestigious European and American banks and international financial organizations.

It should be noted that this conference brought together about 200 prestigious banks of the world and more than 10 000 participants, during which the issues of modern banking services, digitalization and consideration of the possibility of opening correspondent accounts between the participating banks were discussed.

Also, the Chairman of the Board of SSB RT «Amonatbonk» respected Ikromi.S.S. held meetings with Mr. Hayden Allan, Regional Manager of SWIFT, Mr. Sabin Zucher, Regional Manager of Trade Finance and Transaction Banking of Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Orkhan Gadirbay, Vice President of Ozar-Turk Bank, Mr. Cenk Atmajah, Executive Vice President of Nurolbank, with Hon. Muhammad Danish Khan, Deputy CEO of Mashreq Bank in the United Arab Emirates, and Hon. Azad Ismail, Head of Regional Cooperation at Aktifbank, during which they discussed modern banking services, digitalization and considering opening correspondent accounts between banks.

In this context, a number of other useful meetings were held with heads and representatives of other prestigious banks of the world, such as the French bank Societe Generale, the German Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg, the Bank of China of the PRC and other banks.

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