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Local bank cards of the national payment system "Korti Milli" are issued to everyone for use within the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as for the implementation of salary projects with organizations of different forms of ownership.

Card features

Card term 5 years

Access to funds

Issued with an account in somoni


the cost of the card is 20 somoni.

Payment for goods and services in trade and service enterprises

The cost of the card is free.

Pension card

About card

Pension card - This card is intended for pensions, benefits and other funds allocated to pensioners by institutions (organizations and budget ministries and agencies).

Card features


Issued with an account in somoni

Card term 5 years


The card account is maintained in national currency.

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After filling out the card, how long will the customer wait to receive the money?

If the card is replenished from the automatic terminals, it will be credited to the card account within 4-5 seconds.

How many business days does it take to receive the card from the application period?

Availability of the card for customers of Dushanbe and RRS lasts from 2 to 5 business days.

How much does a debit card cost and how many years can it be used?

The term of service of bank payment cards is from 2 to 5 years. The service and cost of the card depends on its type (pension, salary, individuals) and is performed according to the tariffs approved by the Bank. (link to bank tariffs).

How to replenish the card account?

To replenish the card account, apply to the branches and service centers of the bank by providing details, and also through the automated terminals of other banks, you can do it for a fee.

What documents are required to open a bank card account?

Copy of passport, 1 photo 3 * 4 and fill in the application form

How does the customer know about transactions using the card?

Need to connect to SMS and manage your assets.

How to connect SMS-message to card?

The client can connect independently through the website, and in the branches of the Bank, operators support to do so.

What to do in case of breakage, loss, cancellation and expiration of the card?

In case of loss of the card or other unforeseen circumstances, the cardholder must immediately apply to the issuing bank and suspend the activity of the card. To restore the working condition of the card, apply to the bank. (Contact numbers 6009022,6009071,1885)

What to do if you lose your password or forget it?

To re-order the secret code, apply to the Bank.

May I have additional cards in my name?

Yes, to get different cards you need to write a suitable application.

What are the fees for servicing the Bank using the card in the terminal network of Amonatbank and other credit institutions?

Payment for pension cards and salary cards in the network of Amonatbank is free of charge, and in the network of other credit institutions is determined according to the approved tariffs.

Are your bank payment cards available outside the country?

National cards can be used only within the country, international Visa cards can be used inside and outside the country.

Is it possible to transfer money to my card account from abroad?

Yes, it is possible, you need to provide the person transferring the money, the card number - the full details of the card. You can also transfer money via Amonatmobile and e-wallet in the shortest possible time.

Is it possible to transfer money from my card to other cards of the republic?

Yes, it is possible. You need to use Amonatmobile program to transfer any amount. Download:

Where should the cardholder apply if the card is not returned or the requested amount is not withdrawn from the ATM?

First of all, you need to block the status of your card by calling the numbers on the ATM monitor 446009022, 446009071 446009091, 446009066 and the short number Amonatbank 1885. - If your card is sold by an ATM or the requested amount is not paid by an ATM, to return the money or card, please contact the issuing bank with a passport and an application on the situation. - You have used the terminals of other credit institutions and for technical reasons the ATM will swallow your card, then you should apply to the same bank. If the service bank refuses to return your card, you need to call the Contact Center of Amonatbank to the short number (1885).

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