Loans for the development of industry

do 4 years

credit term


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Loans for the development of industry


Amount of credit

: up to 4 years

Loan term


Credit amount


100 100000

19 months

1 moth 36 months
20 %
1060 som
monthly payment

Loans for the development of industry

Lending objectives

- for the development of the construction and transport industry

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What is the term of the loan?

The term of all types of loans in Amonatbank is up to five years.

If I borrow 10,000 Somoni for 2 years, how many Somoni do I have to pay per month and how much Somoni do I have to pay interest on?

Consumer loans of Amonatbank are calculated according to the annuity, and if you receive a loan in the amount of 10,000 Somoni, your monthly payments will be 529 Somoni of principal and interest, and in 2 years you will pay about 2,696 Somoni of interest.

Is it possible to repay the loan in excess of the repayment schedule or in full ahead of schedule?

Yes, you can pay your debt more regardless of the schedule provided, in which case your payment schedule will be changed. You also have the opportunity to repay the loan in full if you have additional funds.

What documents are required to obtain a loan?

To get a loan, you need a copy of your passport, a certificate of employment with a salary, a certificate of residence. Such documents are also required from the guarantor (guarantor).

How long can I get a loan?

If the documents are submitted in full, you will be able to get the loan amount within one business day.

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