Salary projects

GSB RT "Amonatbank" offers for its clients and all enterprises, organizations of any form of ownership the implementation of a salary project. Servicing the company using international bank cards allows the organization

  • to calculate and pay salaries on time, even in conditions of a shortage of cash;
  • ensure the confidentiality of information on the level of remuneration of employees;
  • increase the efficiency of both the accounting department and all employees of the organization by reducing the time for issuing and receiving cash;
  • reduce costs and solve security problems during transportation and storage of cash;
  • get rid of the problems of depositing unclaimed funds and exceeding the cash balance limit;
  • improve the image of the organization through the use of advanced technologies;
  • provide round-the-clock financial service for employees;
  • install an ATM on the territory of the organization.

Employees of the organization have the opportunity to:

  • prompt access to your own funds using the ATM network;
  • pay for services and goods using a plastic card in the trade and service network, avoid losing money in case of loss of the card;
  • have a guarantee of confidentiality of information about income;
  • make the best use of funds. Account information provided by the Bank allows you to plan and control your expenses.

The implementation of salary card projects in enterprises leads to the minimization of cash flow in the organization, i.e. reducing the time and labor costs for calculating and organizing salary payments, reducing the cost of collecting cash and ensuring the required security, there is no need to deposit money unclaimed by employees.

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