Participation of SUE SB RT "Amonatbonk" delegation in the Tajikistan Investment and Development Forum in London

30 march 2023

On March 28 and 29, 2023 the Tajikistan Investment and Development Forum was held in London with the participation of the official delegation of SUE SB RT "Amonatbonk" headed by Mr. Ikromi Sirodjiddin Salom, Chairman of the Bank.

It should be noted that this Forum was attended by heads of relevant ministries and departments of Tajikistan and the United Kingdom, representatives of government and commercial banks, the private sector, including the business community, which laid a favorable foundation for further development of joint cooperation.

Within the framework of the Forum, on March 28, Mr. Ikromi S.S., Chairman of the Board of SUE SB RT “Amonatbonk” and Head of International Compliance Association (ICA) signed Memorandum of Understanding.

The main purpose of signing the Memorandum is, first, to bring the knowledge and skills of the Bank's employees in line with international standards.

Due to the increased interest of development partners and international financial organizations in Amonatbonk, the Bank's management decided to take necessary measures in the direction of compliance and training of specialists meeting modern international requirements.

Назарсанҷӣ оид ба баҳодиҳии хизматрасониҳои БДА ҶТ Амонатбонк