Bilateral meeting of the Chairman of the Board of the SUE SB RT "Amonatbonk" with the Executive Director of CITI BANK

30 march 2023

On March 29, 2023 at the head office of CITI BANK in London the official delegation of SUE SB RT "Amonatbonk" headed by Mr. Ikromi Sirodjiddin Salom, Chairman of the Board had a bilateral meeting with Mr. Aziz Rahman, Executive Director on work with financial institutions of CITI BANK.

During the meeting, parties discussed the plan of further bilateral cooperation and it is worth mentioning that CITI BANK expressed its special interest in establishing cooperation with SUE SB RT "Amonatbonk" in accordance with international standards.

During the bilateral meeting, the parties discussed important issues on preparation of joint activity and in the future, after completion of appropriate procedures, to establish cooperation at the level of banking operations.

It should be emphasized that to date, the financial indicators of recent years allow the Bank to establish cooperation with prestigious banks and international financial institutions in many areas.

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