Bilateral meeting of Chairman of the Board of SUE SB RT "Amonatbonk" with the Director for commerce and international cooperation of Fitch Ratings International Rating Agency

30 march 2023

On March 29, 2023 in the fields of investment forum of Tajikistan and Great Britain, the Chairman of the Board of SUE SB RT "Amonatbonk", Mr. Ikromi S., met with the Director for commerce and international cooperation of International Rating Agency Fitch Ratings, Ms. Kathleen Plunkett.

During the meeting, Mr. Ikromi presented the financial indicators of Amonatbonk and discussed further plans for international rating assignment.

The Bank's management presented the financial indicators and achievements in 2022 and expressed its readiness to obtain an international credit rating.

It should be noted that after being acquainted with the financial activities of Amonatbonk, representative of Fitch International Rating Agency Ms. Kathleen Plunkett expressed that the working group of the agency is ready to visit the Republic of Tajikistan and conduct joint activities on assigning international credit rating to Amonatbonk.

Because of the meeting, the parties decided to start activities in this direction and establish a special working group.

SUE SB RT "Amonatbonk", being a supporter of the policy adopted by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, implements all necessary measures to improve banking services, support local entrepreneurs, attracting investment to the country's economy, as well as increasing the image and credibility of the Bank in the international arena.

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